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Apr 21, 2019

In this episode: Host Monica Kekuewa and Co-host Tony Prangner Jr. will talk about how to get started with your own podcast show. We will get to know Tony, owner of bOpit SNM Podcast Network and we will talk about tips and info to help bring your podcast show to life. 

For more info visit or email, Facebook@bopitradio and Twitter@bOpit_radio

Monica Kekuewa is a creative director, graphic designer, web designer and social media marketer.  She has been working in advertising and marketing for 30 years. Along with her branding and social media marketing business, MK Design House, she has been in network marketing for the past 9 years. She is also a spiritual lifestyle entrepreneur and wellness advocate, having a passion for helping people to learn and use alternative ways for health and wellness such as essential oils, she loves to help individuals move forward with positivity and inspiration in their business and in their life.

For more information about Monica Kekuewa and the services and products she offers, visit her websites at and

Connect with Monica on Facebook: @MyOrangeLife and @MKDesignHouse